Project Manager

  • Competitive Base Salary PLUS Commission Incentives
  • 401k Benefits
  • Paid Vacation/PTO

Job Description:

  • Plans all phases of the project lifecycle from initiation to completion.
  • Prepares budget and cost estimates, along with work timetables.
  • Reviews orders along with necessary supplies, tools, and equipment.
  • Collects second and final payment from homeowners.
  • Ensures clear communication and expectations between the homeowner and the crew that are aligned with agreed-upon plans.
  • Manages a crew/subcontractor and oversees their work.
  • Communicates with clients and delivers project progress reports.
  • Responsible for any delays, emergencies and problems that can arise.
  • Obtains and complies with all necessary regulations and permits (building codes, safety, etc)
  • Explains contract and technical terms to others in a clear manner.
  • Maintain job site cleanliness, for the reputation of the company and satisfaction of the customer.

Sales Representative

  • $60,000-$100,000+ per year
  • 100% Commission-based
  • Paid training offered

Job Description:

  • Build relationships with homeowners
  • Help with project design
  • Prepare proposals for potential clients
  • Place project material orders

Professional Interior Craftsman

Experience: Floors, Cabinets, Plumbing, Framing, Trim and Light Electrical

Gather and send the following information or resume:

  • About you including name, address, phone and email
  • Your experience including companies, dates and titles
  • Pictures of your work that you’re particularly proud of
  • Why your considering leaving your current position
  • What attracts you about the potential of joining the Bo Lacey team
  • Three references with contact information and how you know them
  • Anything else important about your history

Equal Opportunity Employer

We invest in people and provide competitive compensation. We’re growing and our people grow in responsibility and rewards.

We understand you’re good and don’t want others to know you’re persuing other opportunties — We promise to be discrete.

Business is like playing sports — Build a great culture with effective plans and exeptional implementation to generate a winning formula. We’re competitive and we are building a world class team.

Our Attitude
  • Don’t punish mistakes — Learn
  • Don’t just tell — Explain
  • Don’t over complicate — Simplify
  • Don’t wing it — Used and improve processes
  • Don’t disrespect — Appreciate and build trust
  • Don’t be a commodity — Be special and different
  • Don’t accept the status quo — Search to improve
  • Don’t accept mediocracy — Strive for excellence
Our Differentiators
  • Local Projects — Not wasted on unpaid travel time
  • Referral Based Growth — Quality and service matter
  • Invest in People — Often 200 hours per year and paid
  • Financially Solid — And growing rapidly
  • Team Oriented — Win together or lose together