Top Quality Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl residential siding is one of the most popular materials in use throughout our region for good reason… it adds to the beauty of your home while providing dependable protection against the Ohio elements.

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    Installing vinyl siding will not only increase your curb appeal, it can make your home more energy efficient too! Bo Lacey can help you choose the product for your home. Our team of certified professionals will make installation a breeze, and allow you to rest easy for years to come

    Whether you’re building a single home, remodeling an existing one, or planning an entire development, vinyl siding should be your t exterior of choice. You may be surprised what you can achieve using vinyl and other polymeric siding, architectural trim and accessories. Vinyl siding helps create distinctive style and unique character that appeal to homeowners and homebuyers alike with undeniable attraction and lasting value.

    Certified Vinyl Siding Installer

    Bo Lacey only employs tradesmen certified through the Vinyl Siding Institute, which sets us apart from the competition. Our team is trained to do the best job possible. We are always striving for top quality installation of top quality products while using the latest technology — giving our customers a peace of mind.

    Ohio Region Siding Cost vs. Value Report

    Cost Recoup = 69.3% for Vinyl Siding and Trim

    Source: Hanley Wood, LLC. Data Basis: Replace 1,250 square feet of existing siding with new vinyl siding, including all trim


    The range of available vinyl siding colors is fairly broad and different manufacturers will have their own selections. Your choices aren’t infinite like you’d get with a paintable option but you’re not just limited to a palette of several colors.


    Vinyl house siding is readily available in virtually any profile (style) of siding that’s available with wood. Whether you like the look of cedar shake, wide or narrow clapboard or vertical siding you can find it in vinyl siding.


    Vinyl house siding is low-maintenance. There’s no need to scrape and paint nor any need to caulk joints. A wash with a hose is the most maintenance you’ll probably encounter with vinyl.


    It’s a durable product, particularly if it’s on the thicker end of the product spectrum and even more so if it has an insulation backing. Vinyl won’t rot like wood and wood-based products can. It is non-porous and isn’t threatened by pests like insects or woodpeckers.


    Vinyl’s flexible nature allows it to absorb impact better than more malleable materials like metal which can dent if struck hard enough. Given reasonable care vinyl siding can last for years.


    Vinyl can be an economical siding option particularly compared to other choices like brick, stone or wood. If you need cost data to help make choices, consider an estimate from Bo Lacey Construction.

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